Essays & Creative Nonfiction

Slate, “America’s Climate Change Migration is Already Happening,” September 24, 2020

Slate, “The Redwood Trees Will Be Just Fine,” September 4, 2020

Slate, “Watching the Giant Sequoias Die,” April 21, 2020

The Righting America Blog“A Climate for Hope?,” 2020

The Cresset, “The Glory of the Stars,” 2019

EcoTheo Review, “Bear Country,” 2019

Saint Katherine Review, “Advent Fires,” 2019

The Waking, “Wine and Miso,” 2018

Green Briar Review, “Cranes,” 2016 (Nonfiction Contest First Runner-Up)

Blue Lyra Review, “Coyote Nights,” 2016

The Copperfield Review, “The Covered Bridge,” 2015

Dark Matter, “Granite,” 2015

Gold Man Review, “Inheriting Wilderness,” 2015. Nominated for the  Pushcart Prize and the Best of American Science and Nature Writing.

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